If you like a guy for some time now, but are still on the ropes thinking how to make him desire you, here are five proven tips that can help you out:



If a guy is not attracted towards you, he won’t desire you. This doesn’t mean you need to look strikingly beautiful always. It’s all about how you carry yourself. Spend some hours in the gym or indulge in yoga to look fit and confident. Wear the right kind of clothes that can make you look your best. You can also apply a pleasant perfume that can enthrall his senses. Red lips, shiny locks, lined eyelids and flushed cheeks are a few beauty tips you should follow if you want the guy to desire you.

Don’t be clingy, be breezy instead


After he is attracted to you, chances are you’ll start meeting each other occasionally. You’ll talk over the phone and text each other the whole day, but you may be unsure of where this relationship is heading. During these times, you should not be clingy. Just take it easy. Make plans without him and enjoy your life, the way you did before meeting him. By maintaining a calm and breezy attitude, you’ll be able to make him desire you more.


Don’t be jealous


This is difficult but one of the most important ways to make a guy desire you…You should show that you are confident about yourself and the bond you both share. That will make him desire you more. If you keep getting jealous every time a girl flirts with him, it will just spoil things between you two.

Try to make him laugh always


Which guy doesn’t like to be with a girl who can make him laugh? Have a good sense of humor and try to make him laugh always. That will make him love your personality and he would like to spend more time with you.

Be mysterious


Guys love a little mystery in a girl. If you can carry a little air of mystery with you, it will make him desire you more. Don’t disclose everything about your personality at a go. Guys like the chase and the more mysterious you are, the more he would enjoy the chase. You should also not wear extremely revealing clothes. Your clothes should be just alluring enough for him to look.

If you can follow these five tips, you would surely be able to make the guy you like, desire you. Stay confident, remain mysterious and be the best version of yourself!


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