It seems that most people are really turning up their flirting skills. If you are unsure if you have what it takes in your flirting game, do not despair! We will show you three simple techniques to find the love of your life just by flirting!

For those of us who are not yet in a relationship but yearn to have someone to gaze lovingly into our eyes, we have to do some work! Now is the time to put our big girl panties on and get ready to turn the love mojo way up!

You want to get THE one, right? Right! It’s time to put that work in! You have to FLIRT. There is no way around it. Who wants a shy, demure woman out in public when she is trying to catch a man? Sure be a freak in the bed, but by all means, be a lady in the streets! Class is in session and you are about to learn the basics of flirting to find love.

Flirting can be subtle, or it can be blatant; it all depends on the situation. And to perfect your technique, there’s nothing like practice, practice, and more practice. Just have fun with it. Make this your mindset and go about your day taking advantage of every opportunity. Don’t get all hung up on the idea that you’ll look foolish, love is a fool’s game and you got to get in the game!

Eye Contact

Have you ever noticed that when you look at someone long enough, even if they’re facing away from you, they’ll turn and look at you within a minute or so? Well it’s because you’ve sent out your vibe, they feel your gaze. So pick your target, and gaze away until they turn around. And when they do you’ve got to flash your pearly whites and give a huge smile, looking them straight in the eye. What you do next is up to you. If you’re the guy, and they’re alone and smiling back, it’s time to make your move. But if you’re the gal and he’s alone and smiling back, then let him approach you. If he doesn’t then move on, he’s not in the game.

Body Language

Never underestimate the power of body language! We have all been told time and time again when we were younger, “Sit up Straight” or “Pay Attention when I am talking to you”. That also holds true when you are flirting. If you are looking to make a love connection, it is important to have posture that conveys the message “hey, I like you” and “I am interested in what you are saying”. If a possible mate approaches you, whether you are standing or sitting, make sure that your arms are not folded across your chest. That is a sure sign that says “back off – I am sooo not interested”. Instead of having your arms at your sides like a soldier, relax. If they extend their hand to shake yours, gently and gingerly (remember to be ladylike) place your hand in theirs and let it rest long enough to give the message that you like how your skin feels next to yours. This is not the time to show off a firm handshake, this is you searching for love, not a job.


What does grooming have to do with the basics of flirting? You are flirting to find love, yes. But you want to look and smell good doing it. You are seeking to attract, not offend. Don’t take the little things for granted. Before going out to meet someone, keep in your desk or handbag the following items:

    1. A compact mirror to do a double check on your appearance or use your car mirror and make sure that:
      • there isn’t any leftover food in between your teeth
      • your makeup looks great
      • your hair is in place
      • there are no stains on your clothes
    1. Breath mints or small travel sized bottle of mouthwash
  1. Deodorant – you won’t believe how many of us have rushed out of the house forgetting to put on some anti-perspirant/deodorant before leaving the house.

Now that you have mastered the three basic skills of flirting, you will need a new smartphone to store all of your contacts.

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