The thing about confidence that makes it unique in every individual is that some people have it naturally while others don’t. You may be reading this article because you don’t have the confidence you need, or you want to boost it.

Nevertheless, we gathered data and information regarding those two concerns, but first, let’s look into how to tell if a person is confident.

How to Tell If a Person is Confident

You’ll definitely learn a thing or two about confident people. In fact, study shows that confident people are contagious! If only it were that simple, in one conversation with them, you’d be confident too!

But that’s not how life and progress works. Although it certainly helps to be around confident people, it’s better to build your own confidence too, so that when you’re trying to socialize with others or flirt with women, you won’t flop. 

But for now, if you are interested to be surrounded by confident people, you have to make sure that they are truly who they are first by seeing if they have these confident factors:

Body Language

A relaxed body language spells out confidence indeed. A person who sits asymmetrically and spreads himself out comfortably will actually cause other people near him to relax as well.

Another way of telling that a person is confident through their body language is the way they move freely. This gives a sense of comfort and ownership wherever he is and acts like a boss around.

Eye Contact

Eye contact absolutely wins attention especially if you are making a point. If you want to make a statement that you want to be heard, lock your eyes on the person or even the group with whom you are speaking with.

This keeps people captivated and it makes you look more superior and in control.


Being spontaneous gives people the idea that you are not boring. It shows versatility, and of course confidence. Keeping a conversation going shows that they know what they are talking about and that it keeps you interested. 

This is also considered a very attractive quality characteristic as well.

Does not Fidget

A confident person rarely or never fidgets. This is one of the great assets they have that is hard to manage for ordinary people. For them, everything is cool and calm in their minds. They do not overthink, which makes them anxious-proof.

Low Reactivity

Depending on the situation at hand, confident people could care less and sometimes do not comment. This goes to show that they have the mindset that they do not need to prove anything to anybody in order to be right.

Tips to be Confident In Any Situation

Gaining confidence is one thing, but being confident in any situation is a survival need. This prevents a lot of awkward situations and it also gives you the advantage which gives you more control.

So, here things you should consider before joining in events or groups that might put you out of place.

Stick with your Mindset

In sticky situations, instead of apologizing, tell the person whom you are talking to that you are not a match, and that you wish them the best.

Step Out of your Comfort Zone

Fear is a double-edged sword in real life. Yes, fears may keep us safe from physical, mental, and emotional pain. It can make certain situations uncomfortable, making you uneasy and anxious.

You may think that fear is keeping you out from all of those horrible experiences but in reality, you might be missing out on something good.

In the progress of developing confidence, letting fear control you will get you nowhere.

Develop your Strengths

According to an article written by Blake Thorn from I Done This, our brains evolved to react much more strongly to negative experiences compared to positive ones. Meaning, we’re instinctively drawn to negativity, and we don’t treat ourselves differently.

Don’t be that type of person who thinks more about their flaws instead of their strengths. Remind yourself about your talents, achievements, etc.

Be Selfless

Putting in the effort of helping someone else will provide you a sense of purpose and as well as happiness. With these elements, you’ll be to improve your social skills, relieve stress, and being positive towards yourself and others.

Do not Dwell on Negative Thoughts

You have to accept that there some things you simply cannot change, especially if it is in the past. There’s no point in wasting time and effort to fix what is already unchangeable. 

Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, shift your attention towards the things you change in the present. Your strengths define you far more than your weaknesses.


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