There will be a time in your life that you lose yourself and stray away from others.  It’s completely normal and It’s not your fault. Nevertheless,  there are many ways to reconnect with yourself.

What does it mean to Find your Purpose?

Finding your purpose in life is where you find meaning and value in it. People say you can’t change your life at a certain age in adulthood, which makes a lot of people have the idea of feeling lost. 

Forcing ideas that your purpose in life should have been discovered a long time ago – but you haven’t.

Take “You’re still single at the age of 38, what are you doing with your life?” as an example of that

Society pressures and forces you into this but in reality, you can live life the way you want. Remember, a lot of successful people came from nothing before they got to where they are now. Some even started poor, some were criminals, horrible people, and other terrible things!

But what got them to their tier now is because they found their purpose in life. They had a mindset of determination to find their purpose first which led them to naturally change over time.

How Society Ruins Your Life

In our society, there are lots of noises that bring you to pressure especially the noise of family expectations. Common conceptions of this are that, even before you were born, your path was already chosen by your parents.

It’s either you become a Lawyer. Doctor, Engineer, or a Failure.

Now, if your parents did not force you into an arranged life. Society hits differently as well.

At some point in life, your friends and the people around you will question you a lot of “why haven’t you done this”. “Where is your life going”, “Aren’t you going to do this?”, and much much more.

Oftentimes, this will put you into a realization if you’re living right or you’re just living without a purpose. These noises will put a lot of weight on your shoulders and it will only grow worse if you consume every single noise and not do something about it.

Why is it Important?

So many times our expectations are driving us into different scenarios of questioning and doubting ourselves for not finding the purpose of our lives. It’s true, it can be frustrating as it is, which is why to be free from all this stress, you have to consider exploring yourself and do something to find your purpose in life.

Just remember, do not let anyone or society dictate what your life is supposed to be. It’s your life, you’re in control and you can live however you want it. Letting others is one of the biggest issues you’ll ever encounter. You’re focusing too much on WHAT you want to be instead of thinking of who you WHO want to be.

Ways to Find your Purpose

Reflect on Yourself

Take a step back and look at yourself. What went wrong? What brought you up to this point in life? 

Try to figure out this in your own way so that you won’t get any pressure from others. It’s normal to evaluate oneself in order to get back to being stable again.

Find your Passion

If you are a person with no hobby, sport, or interest, it would be very difficult to find your purpose in life – but not close to impossible. As aforementioned, there is absolutely no age limit to try and explore new things!

Try it yourself! Be versatile! Sure enough, you’ll discover something you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

Make Your Life Thrilling

Go out and have loads of fun! If work is sucking every second of your time, you’ll come to realize that life is short and it’s better to invest in working at something that does not eat away the majority of your life.

Start a business, be an entrepreneur, invest, there are just so many options to earn money without taking away much of your time. This is for you to enjoy yourself.

Consider Entering an Organization

If you’ve been isolating yourself from friends and your family, considering entering an organization wherein you find it interesting. It could be a therapy group, fraternity organization, etc.

As long as the people around you and the organization itself are great, then happiness will follow. This is the reason why a lot of people tell their stories that they found their purpose in life because they joined a group or organization that changed the way they see themselves.

Be with Positive People

The people around have a major influence on the way you think. Negative people will only bring you down and pressure you which you should definitely avoid. 

Positive people will support you in whatever you do, and even help you decide what is good for you.

How Do You Know When You’ve Finally Found Your Purpose?

You Naturally Enjoy Life

At this point, you will start to realize that you have been consistently happy ever since you changed your mindset and pursued the purpose of your life. You no longer feel the pressure of society and you live freely.

People Acknowledge Your Presence

If you were a sociable person before you went into a crisis, your friends would definitely say that they are happy that you are around again especially those who consider you as a close companion.

Your Energy is Different

Back when you were in a crisis, chances are that you had no will to live at all. You simply let time pass by while you were not making a big deal of not finding the purpose of your life.

However, you’ll start to notice that you have made progress and you find it pleasurable as you continue moving forward. This is considered healthy progress, and if you keep it up, you’ll forget that you were in a crisis.

Your Mentality is Stronger than Ever

What once was a fragile heart and mind, are now strong assets. You have invested yourself to change, and one of the many outcomes of your change is a strong mindset. 


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