Should You Leave or Get Him Back? 6 Things to Consider…

Whether it’s been a few days, a couple of weeks… and even if it’s been a month or two, there are some feelings that keep on lingering when it comes to past relationships.

If thoughts of “what if” or “if only” keep haunting you and you’ve stumbled on this page because you’re at a crossroads wondering if you should leave your ex boyfriend or lure him back, I suggest you take a deep breath and carefully consider these 6 things.

It will save you a lot of time and emotional energy.

1. Do you still like each other?


It doesn’t have to immediately be love again. After all, “love at first sight” while a common expression is most often “like at first sight”.

Ask yourself if you’re still fond of him in small yet special ways and if you think he still feels the same way with you. This may be easier to detect if you still see each other every day at school or work, but it’s more of a gut feel if you’ve lost contact with each other.

If you believe both of you still have a connection, then there is a strong chance that you can get him back.

2. Are you willing to put the past behind?


Think about the biggest reason why the brake up happened. Disrespect? Deception? Cheating – not just once or twice but multiple times? If he’s the guilty party can your heart let go of it?

Now if you’re the one to blame, have you forgiven yourself already, decided to learn from it and believe that somehow you know he’ll forgive you as well? If not, are you ready to go the distance to win him back no matter what?

If you can say yes to all these, then it’s a green light for you. If not, you probably need to re-think your intentions.

3. Are you sure it’s not your ego?


Is it really love or is your pride just hurt that bad because he was the first man who broke your heart (after a long list of guys in which every brake up was initiated by you)?

We often fall victim to our ego, particularly if we want to conquer what we think we can’t have, resulting in doing or allowing things we would never tolerate in our sane state of mind, just to have them.

4. And what about him…?


If he’s happy being single again and is in a stage that doesn’t accommodate any relationships at the moment, it’s best to wait things out if you want to pursue him.

Have him enjoy his “me” time, but keep communication lines open. Now if he’s with somebody else, try to observe if he’s really happy with the other woman. If you feel it’s a rebound relationship and he’s still into you, then you can lure him back.

But if he’s already happy and so is the other woman, think twice if you’re willing not just to flirt but to fight for the one you love.

5. Have you learned to love yourself?


In the time you’ve been apart, have you come to realize this powerful truth? Remember, your ideal partner is a reflection of who you are. We attract people that are like us.

Change yourself and you might just witness your ex lover change as well to match the “new” – or better yet, the “real” you.

If your partner doesn’t change, the world will and watch how Divine order gives you something far better.

6. Are you ready to learn the art of seduction?


There’s a good and a bad way to get your ex back. Then there is a great way. If you’re a master seductress then you know what I’m talking about.

But if you’re the shy, timid type lacking confidence and skill, know that with just a few simple moves and changes (in the way you look, act, talk, et al), big results are bound to happen.


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