Guys are interesting beings who think very differently from women. Unlike women, they are really candid and straight forward and don’t like to beat around the bush about anything.

In fact, you’ll be able to tell what guys notice first about women by just observing them during an encounter. And guys don’t miss a thing! Even though they’re trying to be nonchalant about it, he’s totally checking you out!

Here’s a list of things guys notice first on women:

Your Smile


If you have a beautiful smile, that’s the first thing a guy will notice. Who doesn’t love a big grin, right? When you’re smiling, you’re beauty is taken to a whole new level and it will make you seem approachable.

It’s a sign that you’re happy and are having a good time, which is what guys are all about. No one wants to talk to a grump so make it a habit to always have a smile on your face.

Research suggests that a smile can really brighten a room and create a positive atmosphere!

Your Eyes


They say eyes are the windows to your soul, so the fact that it’s one of the main things a guy notices means he’s trying to see what kind of person you are.

Some studies suggest that about 70% of men notice a woman’s eyes first.

So make sure that you enhance your eyes with the right makeup and don’t overdo it with the eye shadow because that will only hide one of your best assets to attracting a guy.

Your Hair


Some guys prefer long, luscious locks, while others don’t mind pixie crops. It’s a personal preference, but all guys will notice shiny, healthy hair on a woman.

That means that your time at the salon is not in vain! Guys also love soft, bouncy hair that smells amazing. So as long as you’re confident rocking the hairstyle you love, he’ll take notice and love it too!

Your Posture


We all slouch a bit here and there, and a guy will notice when you’re not upright and straight.

Make it a habit to perfect your posture since a girl who can carry herself high and tall will tell the world that you’re confident and comfortable in your skin.

And guys will take notice so sit up straight and walk proud!

Your Body


Of course, this one had to be on our list. It’s something that no one can miss since it’s part of who you are. After a guy takes notice of the aforementioned things, he will take into account your body type.

This includes your weight, frame, chest and butt. Yes, it’s shallow, but it’s a part of life. But believe it or not, men don’t prefer the super skinny type and actually like it when a woman has curves.

So don’t think just because you have a little extra junk in your trunk, that hottie at the bar will write you off – he may like your extra baggage just the way it is!


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