We've all wondered this at some point in our lives.

- Does he like me?
- How can I tell?
- Is there a magic way to get him to like me?

I’m here to tell you that you’re not even remotely the first person to ask those questions.

Many have come before you and many will come after you asking the foremost question in many women’s minds:

‘Does he like me?’

I know I’ve been through it and I know you’re going through it right now, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, reading this. It’s a scary thing when you think about it. This person could like you, they could want to date you, and they could eventually want to marry you!

I’m getting ahead of myself, but seriously, it’s important to be able to tell those little details that are a subtle hint that he likes you rather than just him being friendly.That’s why you need to continue reading.

I’ll tell you how to figure out the complicated, alien-like being that is: Man.

In this article, you’ll read all about:

I know what you’re thinking right about now...

“That’s so much! How will I ever narrow it down?!”

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s easy. Don’t get overwhelmed or skip out on me, this is important information and I’ll try to make all this reading as painless as possible.

I know, what if you’re thinking, ‘Only one of these bullet points relates to me, though.’ That may be true, but it’s still nice to be educated in this subject so you can help a friend or family member after all is said and done.

Plus, who ever said more knowledge is bad?

Body Language Signs

Body language, as Ursula from the famous Disney movie: The Little Mermaid, so bluntly put it, is important. Body language is one of the key elements in both showing someone you like them and telling if someone likes you back.

It’s the little things they do. Things like making eye contact, for example. If you pay close attention now-a-days, people are always on their phones or looking around when they talk to people.

Rarely do they completely ignore the distractions of the world to just gaze into your eyes and hold a meaningful conversation. Another way to tell if he’s in to your conversation is if he starts mimicking your own body language.

See? I told you it was important. If you’re standing with your hands in your pockets and he, after a few minutes, puts his hands in his pockets, he’s not being a copycat. He’s admiring you.

People unintentionally copy the stance of the person they have a crush on. I’ve done it before and I’ve watched it happen with close friends before.

So, whether he’s making eye contact, shoving his hands into his pockets and grinning, or playing with his hair, as we girls always do when we’re nervous, it’s definitely a sign that he likes you.

Why else would he be standing so stiff if you weren’t doing it first?

Shy Guy Signs

This is one of the most vital sections of this article because everyone knows the shy ones are always the hardest to read. Shy people are naturally awkward or clumsy because they’re already so self-conscious about what other people think of them.

I hate to tell you this, but it only gets worse around their crush. Which, in this case, could be a good thing, I suppose.

I think the easiest way to describe how to tell if a shy guy likes you is by showing you this video by Youtuber:

Dr. Kimberly of Ask Kimberly.
(it says teen edition, but it's as good for us..not so teen ladies) 😉

She makes the following points on how to tell if a shy guy likes you:

He scratches his face when he’s around you.

This is because of the fact that when a guy sees something he likes or admires, a rush of blood goes to his face, resulting in a blush.

This can actually cause his face to become itchy, so if he starts randomly scratching his face around you, there’s a possibility it could be a sign he’s hiding a blush.

His eyebrows go up and then down when he sees you, even if it’s only once.

This is because a man’s mind is programmed to shift his gaze when he sees something he admires or respects. His gaze is actually shifting to either a more serious or a more intense look when he sees you.

You catch him looking at you.

Now, we’ve all done this one before. You admire someone for whatever reason, so you just want to stare at them all day long. Where this can sometimes be creepy, it can also be taken as flattering.

When it comes to a shy guy, however, they may stare, but it will most likely be in short increments rather than long periods of staring and he will look away quickly if you make any sudden movements because he’s afraid you’ll catch him staring which would just embarrass him more than he already feels.

Trying to out-do his friends in front of you.

Everyone looks at the show-off. It’s natural, it’s what we all do. One thing this shy guy is going to do is try to beat his friends at things when he knows you’re around or maybe even watching.

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘dress to impress,’ well this is no different. He’s acting up to try to impress you and hopes it might bring up some common ground between you which will start a conversation that he was too shy to start like any other guy might.

He’s never physically comfortable around you.

If he’s really shifty, he’s not hiding something, besides maybe his feelings for you. Shy people in general tend to do this around people who they feel intimidated by.

Whether its feeling physically intimidated by a bully or emotionally intimidated by your crush, you’re going to act shifty.To hear it in more detail and with more grace and poise than just reading bullet points, follow this link to watch Dr. Kimberly’s video on Youtube.

Flirting Signs That He Likes You

Man flirting with woman

Flirting is different for everyone. It can be teasing, showing off, getting up close and personal, or simply having a good laugh together. Whatever your form of flirting may be, it’s different for everyone.

Here are some common flirting styles, however, that most guys seem to follow.

He Makes a Suggestive Comment

Depending on who you are, suggestive comments can be taken offensively or can be put in to play to kick off some flirting of your own. If a guy is having a conversation with you and he brings up a dirty joke or maybe comments on specific articles of your clothing, it means he’s drawn to you.

Whether it’s sexually or he’s just teasing with his suggestive comments, it is a sure fire way to tell that he likes what he sees. Some guys will just outright tell you what they think of you, but others prefer the more subtle approach by commenting on specific things.

For example, if a guy tells you, ‘Nice glasses,’ it probably means he was staring at your eyes and it’s his subtle way of saying he likes your eyes. If he says, ‘That’s a good color on you,’ it means he was checking you out and noticed how nicely the color of your shirt matched with your skin tone.

Plus, bonus points if he can tell what colors actually match others.

Teases You Without Being Mean.

This one is an iffy one for most people because no one likes to be teased unless they know for sure it’s playful and trust the person the teasing is coming from.

If you already like this guy, though, and he starts teasing you, you’re going to blush and laugh, despite what he’s saying, just because he’s acknowledging you. That’s what makes this one iffy.

However, if he makes a playful comment about how you wear your hair or wear too much pink, it means he’s noticing these things about you and wants you to know, without losing his cool, that he likes it.

Goes Out of His Way to Touch you

This one has to be my favorite, because, who doesn’t love a gentle touch from someone they have feelings for? I’m not talking sexual touches, but the subtle things.

If, for example, you’re having a conversation and he randomly reaches out and moves one single hair off your cheek, it means he was watching specifically for that to happen just so he could have an excuse to touch you without it being awkward.

Everyone knows when a hair touches your face it tickles, but he wasn’t just trying to save your cheek from being tickled, he wanted to touch you.One of my favorites is pretty rare now-a-days. The famous handshake.

If you meet a guy and he shakes your hand, it means he’s respectful. This is the first sign that shows you he’s a good guy. If he finds a reason to touch your hand again in the conversation, that’s an obvious sign that he liked how your hand felt in his and he wants to feel it again.

The best way to test this, is to shake his hand again as you’re leaving. Hold his hand firmly, showing him it’s all right, but gently enough so as not to scare him away. If he lets your hands linger and mimics the firm, but gentle touch, it’s safe to say he wants all of it to happen again and soon.

So, if you spot one of all of these signs, buckle up, girlfriend, because you’re going places with this guy.

Scientific Signs He Likes you

Don’t let the title of this section scare you, I’m not going to get all technical and throw scientific words and phrases at you. I’m going to make this simple and understandable.

The first way to tell if a guy likes you – in scientific words – is his walking pace.

I know, weird, right? But it’s true!

It’s scientifically proven that men walk faster than women on average, but that’s not news, right? Their long legs definitely aid in the walking fast department, but that’s not the point.

A study was done a few years back that showed how two people’s walking paces changed depending on their relationship with that person.

Generally, men walked faster than the women, but when a couple who were in love were placed side by side and walked, the study showed that the man slowed his pace enough to match with the woman’s pace, even though they weren’t touching.

Bottom line, ladies, if he slows down to your snail pace – which is as fast as our short legs can carry us – it’s a good sign in the crushing department.

This next one is funny to me. His voice.

If a guy is talking with his friends, he’ll use his regular, comfortable to use tone of voice. When he gets nervous or lies, his voice may become higher pitched, but when he’s talking to his crush, he wants to seem as masculine as possible, so he will actually make his voice sound deeper than it really is.

Now, this isn’t always on purpose. Most of the time, it’s a subtle thing that the brain automatically tells the voice to do.

Study done a few years back that showed how two people’s walking paces changed depending on their relationship with that person.

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Bottom line: if his voice sounds deeper, he’s trying to sound more manly, and thus, more attractive to you.

Last part of the scientific part, ladies, so stick with me.

I’ve mentioned it previously, but I bet you didn’t know it was actually scientific: mimicking. When he copies your stance, or the way you play with your hair when you talk, or maybe even the way you say certain words, it means he’s definitely crushing hard.

I’ve done this before with a guy I liked. He would say ‘solid’ instead of ‘great’ and I found myself saying ‘solid’ all the time. I didn’t even realize it until my sister brought it up and boy was I embarrassed!

No one likes it when their sister calls them out on a crush. It just doesn’t seem right.

So girls, if you find him copying how you say a word, he’s NOT making fun of you. He admires your quirks and wants you to know that.

Signs Your Ex Still Likes You

This can either be a good section or a bad section. Depending on how you feel about your ex, this section can be helpful or it can be devastating and lead to future conversations you never wanted to have with the ‘dreaded ex.

’There are really four main ways to tell if your ex still likes you:

  • He Reaches Out on a Special Occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary)
  • He Asks Your Friends About You (Keeping in Touch Without Talking Directly to You)
  • He Brings Up Stuff from Your Past Together (Places You Used to go, Etc.)
  • He Keeps in Touch With Your Family

These are all very important and equally intimidating in their own way.

Take the first bulletpoint, for example. If your ex decides to reach out to you, whether it’s sending a text, leaving a voicemail, or meeting you outside of where you work, on a special occasion, it could very possibly mean he still likes you and never wanted it to end between you two.

Birthdays and anniversaries are the hardest to get through after a break-up because they are the holidays that you two spend together rather than with other friends or even family.

Meaningful gifts were exchanged, which are probably still around in both your homes, that remind you of the old times together which can make one or both of you feel nostalgic.

Now, if he starts asking your friends about you after a breakup, there’s a very small chance it’s just him being polite, but it’s unlikely. Normally, your close friends know the most about you and know all your dirty little secrets.

Like how you are a gallon of ice cream all by yourself after the breakup, but then how you picked yourself up again, realized you were better than that and moved on. This may be hard for him to hear, but in the long run, it’s better that he knows you moved on so he can do so himself.

The third point listed is when he starts reminding you of your past together. This can be a dirty trick and is also one of the oldest tricks in the figurative ‘Book of Tricks.’

When he starts calling you late at night, when everyone is most vulnerable, or on special occasions like an anniversary and starts reminiscing, you know it’s a bad sign for your dating life.

Again, this all depends on how you feel about your ex, but in this case, I’m assuming you dumped him. So, when he starts trying to reel you back in with his flirty voice and making you laugh with stories of the ‘good ‘ole days’ just hang up that phone and stay strong, girl!

Things escalate when he stays in touch with your family, though. Whether he’s trying to win you back by getting your dad to like him so your dad suggest you give him another chance, or sucking up to your mom so she ‘accidentally’ leaves you two alone on occasion, it doesn’t matter.

Your relationship is over and no matter how much groveling he does, don’t give in. He’s grasping at straws from the wrong barn trying to suck up to you.


I decided to title the conclusion so you would know that your conquest to find out if he likes you is finally over. You are now educated in the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of telling whether or not your crush likes you back.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we’ll do our best to help you further.

Most importantly, ladies, just remember: You’re Worth It!


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