What is HerSmile ? And What Is So Special About This New Dating Website.

It's built on the premise that it's the only relationship site to assure the intention behind an introduction. .. which is the slogan they go by!

They do it by eliminating the stress of having people selling themselves on their profile,  this way Hersmile can ensure profiles are refreshingly honest and authentic.

I could go on and tell you more about it, but I believe this video does a great job of explaining what their dating site is about.

Cosmo, the owner of the dating site recently launched their mobile app on iOS and Android.  I wanted to give it a go, just to have a feel of how it behaves and see how the whole site dynamic...but I was told that the app was currently only available to the UK store.

Being at the launch phase, it is quite normal to do a soft launch to iron out all the kinks and anything else that could wrong, but it should be only only a matter of time until we get access to a North American release, and then...

I'll be sure to give it a more hands-on review.

Note to our UK readers

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Want To Know More About HerSmile ?

Cosmo had the courtesy to provide us with an informational piece of article that summarize the company.

Online dating is huge. The industry is worth over $2 billion, growing at 5% each year that expect by 2040 70% of us will have met our partners online. So why is finding love online more like alchemy than chemistry? There are endless beautiful theories, but no consistent formula that leads to a golden outcome.

For all online dating’s financial success the results for many users are no better than a lottery. Profiles can be misleading and intention deceptive. With all the chaos of a cattle market: I felt there had to be a better way, a way that would account for the evolutionary drives behind mating.

In 2011 I started to research the market. Across all demographics I asked women what they didn’t like about online dating. What wasn’t working for them? I found three barriers kept recurring: Safety,information and intention. HerSmile was created as a solution to these barriers.

1) Women don’t feel safe dating online. They are harassed aggressively or as over half have reported they’re subjected to sexual explicit messages.

2) Information on online dating is boring! You’re asked to write reams of text to sum up your great sense of humour… if there is a good profile it’s invariably been copied and pasted. It can be both deceptive and utterly uninspiring.

3) The third and most recurring was intention. Messages are sent out left, right and centre so when you do hear from someone you have no idea they’re genuinely interested in you or if you were just the first to ‘take the bait!’

For men it was straight forward. They felt their time and money was being wasted. They were being misled. HerSmile isn’t a clever algorithm to match people based on their taste in Burgundy wines nor have we tried to gamify love through extensive psychometrics. We simply looked at the problems and created the solution.

Dedicated to refreshingly honest profiles it took two years to develop our award nominated software that is the first and only introductory site to assure the intention behind an introduction.

Our research showed that one of the hardest parts of online dating is writing about yourself. Yet realistic profiling is crucial for a great introduction. So we’ve come up with a way that showcases you honestly without the need for a creative writing degree and without the stress of selling yourself.

Inspiring to write, authentic to read in 14 fun yet thought provoking questions we’ll create your profile foryou. By removing the ‘sell yourself’ mentality often associated with online dating we can ensurerefreshingly honest profiles.

We’ve integrated the best aspects of social media: Facebook (mutual friends), YouTube (incorporation of videos), Twitter (Keyword search) and Instagram (Character Gallery). But what’s really exciting? Your time and money won’t be lost on someone who simply likes the attention. You won't be misled.

On HerSmile, women pay a monthly subscription letting them initiate contact with a man at any time,receive messages from men and review the possibility of contact. Men, who have no subscription, simply buy introductions/credits.

He confirms his interest in a woman is genuine by using one credit to send his first, introductory message. Her ‘Smile of Approval’ lets him know the interest is mutual and he can contact her further. If she doesn’t reply, we'll return his credit for him to use again in future introductions.

This way she's never bombarded with unwanted messages and because he invests in an introduction she’s assured of his commitment - specifically to her. She’s not one of many, she is one of one. From a safe and non pressured position, she can decide where it goes and since men only hear from women who reciprocate their interest he wastes no time and money.

This unique process removes the negative behaviour patterns that can makeonline dating a disappointing experience. Men are discouraged from ‘playing the numbers game’, while women are encouraged not to ‘sit on the fence’.

By operating a payment structure reflective of natural biological drive we create an environment where love is more like evolution than random selection and by protecting women online and ensuring men aren’t misled we've found we can considerably reduce the time taken for both sexes to find a suitable partner.

You can also visit their website to visit for yourself at www.hersmile.com


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