1. “Hey, how are you (insert his name)? I really had a good time on our date, and I would like to do it again some time.”

2. “Hello. How are you? I was thinking about you? What have you been up to lately?”

3. “Hi (insert his name). How are you? I had so much fun at (insert the name of the place you hung out). I would like to do that again some time.”

4. “Hey. What are you up to these days? I was just going through my contact list and came across your phone number and decided to call and see what you are up to. I hope you are being good?”

5. “(Insert his name), things have been so hectic on my side that is why I have not called you yet. What have you been up to? Have you gone to (insert the place he took you) lately? I had a blast.”

6. “(Insert his name), you are such a nice guy. Why is it that you don’t have girlfriend? So what are you hiding? Are you a gigolo or what?”

7. “Where have you been? Sorry it has taken a while for me to finally call you. It is just that my work load has piled up and I just had to cut it down to size. So what have you been doing with yourself? Anything exciting?”

8. “(Insert his name), how are you? I really missed talking to you. What have you been up to lately? I hope you are not doing anything I would not do? Just kidding. So when do you want to meet up again?”

9. “Hi (insert his name). How are you doing? I thought you would be busy taking a whole bunch of girls out, because I did not expect to get you on the phone. So how is life treating you? What do you think about (insert the issue of the day)?”

10. “Hello (insert his name). I just thought I check up on you before I head out to the gym. What have you been up to? I need a work out partner. Are you up to it?”

Men are not that hard to talk to. Men are just as nervous as women when it comes to making that first phone call and thinking of what to say so that so that the other party is engaged in what you are saying. The best thing is to be yourself and just ask questions and let the answers to his questions lead you to the next set of things you will say.

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