You have to accept the fact that not all relationships you partake in work every time. If fortunate enough, it is possible but if you think that relationships work just like in romantic movies – it simply isn’t.

In fact, dealing with an unstable relationship is easier to handle compared to getting over someone you just broke up with. Indeed, it is different for each individual but there are a lot of things in common about it. 

If it is your first time going through this experience, believe it or not, you will eventually find peace over a specific period of time.

Why is it so Devastating?

For some, they can manage it and even get over it after a few days or weeks. Others, find it terribly hard to move on because letting go of some aspects from the past is not easy. If you were in a long-term relationship, it is understandable that you are in a downfall due to the fact that you shared a lot of memories with your significant other. 

It is almost as if you lost a family member or someone very close to your heart.

How Long Does it Take to Get Over Someone?

This question has a lot to do with your mindset. Think of this, if you are determined to get over him or her – you will, but you must understand that even if it takes time, always remember that you will eventually accomplish your goal of moving on. 

Here are effective tips to help you with your progress in getting over your ex-partner.

Remove Him From Your Device

Do not hesitate to remove him or her from your social media platforms and contacts. This is to prevent you from reaching to your ex-partner in case of desperation. On that note, never show desperation because it only shows how vulnerable and weak you are.

Give Time for Yourself

If you keep thinking of your ex-partner, it will only stop you from moving on. It’s tough and underwhelming but the sooner you focus on yourself, the better your future will be. 

Hell, make your ex-partner jealous of what you are about to become! Be motivated, keep moving forward, and leave that past relationship behind.

Go Out With Friends 

You can never go wrong with going out with your friends, especially your close ones who know you best. They will surely help you with your progress by doing the things you guys love and talk it out.

Plan on Doing Sports or Start a Hobby

These are great ways to be distracted. A long-term sport or hobby keeps you focused on that. You can start by learning first then enter whatever you want to do. Avoid bad habits that will only make things worse including excessive vices like drinking, smoking, drugs, etc.

Do Not Dwell on the Past

Not moving on is a choice. This is the reason why there are some people who cannot move on because they would rather reminisce those beautiful moments they once had with their ex-partners. At times, even imagining what could have fixed the relationship.

Focus on Recovering to Develop your Career

You might have fallen but this does not mean this is the end for you and your career. You might have been affected emotionally but keep in mind that if you do not commit, you are the one who is losing.

Prove to yourself that you can still continue to grow without him or her. Work harder, be successful, and shine in your own light.

Let go of your Emotions

There will come a time that you will realize that it is best to let go of those old feelings you once had for your ex-partner. Accept that he or she will never come back and that all of those memories are meant to be left behind – where it belongs and to be never thought of again.

Go with the flow of Time

The quote “Time will heal” is absolutely relevant in breakups. As aforementioned, even if it takes time, you will move on. If you had problems with your relationship before, learn from it. You deserve better and just continue to live life.

Do not Hold on to Feeling Angry

Not all breakups end in sadness, there are breakups out there that made one partner furious. Maybe because one cheated or something else. Nevertheless, the pain is still there but the question is – should you continue to be angry?

The answer is no, it is just the same as holding your sad emotions. You’ll find it hard to move on because you are still angry which will only delay your progress of moving on.

Should You Move On or Get Back Together?

If you were in a toxic relationship, then do not even think of getting back with him or her no matter how many years you have spent together. It is simply not worth it and there are still many people to date out there.

However, if you think that you and your ex-partner just had a misunderstanding or if the two of you just broke up because of a small argument, then do consider working things out again, and see to it if your ex-partner is still willing to fix what was broken between you two.

What to Do when Moved On?

Feeling lost? You are completely over your ex-partner but you have no clue what to do afterward. Well, that’s simple – Enjoy it. Do what you love, stay single, or find another one. Anything that makes you happy, do it.

Just make sure that if you are planning to date again, you completely moved on from your ex-partner and you are totally ready to begin another journey with someone else. Not completely moved on might cause problems to your new partner, which will only bring you back to sadness.


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