Let’s get straight to the point, you’re searching this because you’re close to being desperate to have a relationship right away. Well, slow down tiger, good things happen to those who wait.

But after reading this article, there is no doubt that you’ll be a walking chick magnet attracting any woman you bump into!

Factors you should Consider before Making a Move

It is critical that you have a plan. You cannot just go for it. It would be like going to war with a gun with no bullets.

So, here are what you should consider before making a move 

What are you Doing Wrong?

As hard as it is to find a good man, it also goes the same for finding a good woman. So, what are you doing wrong? Have you reflected upon this question? Because if you haven’t maybe it’s time to contemplate what you have been doing and try to see if you can pinpoint your mistakes.

This gives you the upper hand of avoiding or repeating what you have been doing wrong in the past. 

What are the Qualities Women are Looking For?

You have to understand that attracting women through your actions alone will not do the deed. Women look into your characteristics and personality as well. Think of them as FBI agents. You may be good with your actions but your bad personality will reek soon enough for them to figure out who you truly are.

So, keep that in mind if you’re thinking actions alone will work, and definitely work on your personality first but never force yourself to change just because of a woman. Be true to yourself but don’t be a jerk. 


This is the scientific part wherein you and the woman will sense if the both of you would work out but remember, chemistry is not the basis of everything but it is a great element if you are just starting to know the woman you are flirting with. 

Initially, you’ll be able to tell at first hand that “this woman is made for me”. See to it if you have the same interests, if the both of you sync, or in general, love her no matter what.

If you still feel that chemistry after months and years, she’s yours.


This is one of the most important qualities women look for in terms of a long term attraction. This is the element that speaks if you are just good as a fling or you are a good partner to be with.You must be reliable, and if you already have that trait then stability will be your natural asset.


If you are sincere just to attract, then don’t get your hopes up because that will certainly lead you nowhere near a woman’s life. You have to be sincere from the moment you met until your very last breath. Sincerity is not something to be forced. 

Every single woman in the world appreciates a sincere man. So, be one.


Do’s and Don’ts in Attracting Women

Now that you know what are the main qualities women are looking for in a man. Time for the Do’s and Don’ts. A lot of men commit mistakes in an attempt to attract women so to prevent you from being in that situation, here are what you should do and what you shouldn’t.


Be Yourself

If you think following Romeo’s steps in Romeo and Juliet or any other male character’s actions in cliche movies will get every woman’s attention in real life – you’d be so wrong on so many levels.

Just be yourself. If you are calm, reliable, and confident those are good enough. Go with the flow of the moment but do try your best to be sensitive so that you will not mess up a chance of a woman getting attracted to you.

Be Confident

Confidence should be emphasized as much as possible. Consider this as the root of everything you are planning on. 

Be a Gentleman

Show chivalry, in the way you talk, and most especially the way you do your actions. Women consider this as a great characteristic. In fact, even offer her a ride or a walk home to prove that you care for her security and well being.

Prioritize your Woman

Always put her first. If you are in a situation wherein your friends are calling you from the other side of the room or from your phone, intentionally show her that you’d rather spend the time to get to know her better and she’ll totally appreciate that.

Be Spontaneous

Planning everything is good but be versatile as well. If things aren’t going your way, do not hesitate to work on alternatives. This makes the woman think that you are not boring. This is one of the many great techniques of flirting.



Don’t be Obnoxious

Being obnoxious will only cause complications, problems, and possibly being ditched. Women absolutely find this as a red flag. So, avoid being that type of man who constantly makes every woman feel uncomfortable.

Avoid being Cheesy

For the opposite of being obnoxious, do not be cheesy. Pick up lines are okay but overdoing it will make your woman cringe, which gives you a bad image. So, lessen the cheesy lines and just talk normally, give compliments, and be yourself.

Excessively Speaking instead of Listening 

It’s great to be talkative but if you don’t let your woman close to not reply to what you are sharing, then don’t expect she’ll be talking much since you took most of the time talking. Let there be a conversation between you two, and not just yourself.

Remaining Anxious

If you planned everything but when you are finally in the situation you became nervous, it’s okay and it is absolutely normal but bear in mind that if you stay that way, you won’t be able to let the woman see your true potential as a date.

Trying too Hard

If you are just trying to attract women because you are single and pressured you might not find a woman soon. Evaluate yourself first. Trying hard can easily be sensed by women, and let me tell you this – they will surely find that not attractive.


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