If you are in a bad dating relationship, it can not only cause you to be miserable, but also to have health concerns. Between your career, children, finances and running a home, life can be very stressful. This is hard enough on the body and any one person can only take so much stress and frustration in their life. When a person becomes involved in a bad relationship not only does it constitute mental anguish, but often involves a host of medical problems. Read on for some of the common problems from living in a bad dating relationship.

High Blood Pressure

Do you realize that constant stress, upsets and fighting can raise your blood pressure? If you already have a problem with elevated blood pressure, you increase the chances of a stroke and/or heart attack with adding more stress and pressure to your heart. Most people do not understand the impact of turbulence in their lives on their heart, but the damage can be fatal. When you are angry, upset or frustrated your blood pressure can raise several points and if you are already on the borderline, guess what. Not only are you in danger right at that time, but also the chronic rise and fall of blood pressure over time can weaken the heart.


Research has proven that people involved in unhealthy relationships are more likely to present to the doctor with a variety of illnesses. It is because the constant fighting and stress weakens the immune system. This makes the person more susceptible to infection and every illness that comes along. Have you ever known someone that is always sick? That is probably why. Cold sores, fever blisters and mouth ulcers are also very common in individuals that have a great deal of stress in their lives. Is a bad dating relationship really worth all this?

Problems with addiction

Individuals involved in a bad dating relationship are more likely to become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. This is because they are looking for something to fill their time or ease their pain. Many drug addicts or alcoholics do not become addicted because it is such a great thing to do, but because they are hurting on the inside. Substances can become a crutch to someone that is suffering in a relationship and before they know it, they have a problem. We all know what substance abuse can cause.


Obesity is a leading health concern in the United States today. Not only among those, that have relationship ills, but everyone. If you read the latest studies though, you will quickly find that most researchers attribute obesity to emotional eating. This emotional eating can surface when a person is having problems with their dating relationship. Is that the only reason that people have trouble with obesity? Of course not, but it can certainly add fuel to the fire. Obesity has been implicated in causing Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a host of other health problems.

The health concerns alone are enough reason to avoid a dating relationship that is making you miserable. It is never easy to get out of a relationship, but sometimes it becomes a necessity. When you are to the point of being miserable, having health problems and just generally feel bad it is time to make a change. There are many resources on and offline that will assist you with leaving an abusive partner. The abuse does not only have to be physical it can be emotional or verbal as well.

Look in the phone book or perform a quick search on the Internet about abusive relationship help and you will find a ton of free resources. There are several places that offer free counseling, advice and support through the healing process of leaving a partner that is abusive. The road is difficult now, but at least you will live to tell about it.

Lee Blackspur is the owner of My-Dating-Advice.com which provides online and offline dating tips, advice and articles for men, women and teens of all ages and experience.

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