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So if your man is having a hard time committing to you, he may be doing so as a result of one of these reasons:

1.    He is getting all the benefits of being in a romantic relationship without being engaged to you.  So if you are giving him all of you without him being fully committed to you for the long term, you present him with a situation where he sees no tangible reason to take that next step when he is getting all of you free of charge.

2.    He is afraid that what happened to his parents might happen to him so he is being extra cautious.  Some men want to be in romantic relationships, but when they remember what happened to their parents — divorce — they get cold feet.

3.    They have not finished sowing their wild oats and committing to you one hundred percent will prevent them from getting their groove on.

4.    You are not quite what they have in mind.  They are comfortable hanging out with you, but they don’t think you are exactly what they are looking for.  It does not mean that you are not good enough for them; it is just that you do not fit the type of woman they are looking for.  For example — some men want freaks in bed — a woman with a high sex drive.  If you meet their expectations in all the other aspects of life and you just don’t have the kind of sex drive they want their future wife to have, they may not want to commit themselves to a long term relationship with you.

5.    You do not challenge them enough.  They see you as someone they can pretty much tell anything and get what they want.  Men want women they have to work hard to keep.

6.    You may have some issues with your weight that they may not be very comfortable with.  Sure they seem to enjoy your company, but the weight issue may be keeping them from making you the woman of their dreams.  Most men are simply afraid of the fact that their woman may gain the kind of weight that will end up turning them off down the road.

7.    If you have no drive or ambition, some men will not want to commit to you. If they sense that you are not the type that will contribute to the financial well-being of their home, they will not be very motivated to stay with you for the long term.

8.    You have a tendency to want to control them.  If a man feels that you are the type that will end up wanting to control their life that man will not want to be romantically involved with you for the long term.  He will end up keeping you long enough for him to find a woman that will let him be himself.

9.    He may be in the middle of trying to move onto another relationship that he is working on.  While he is trying to make sure that the other woman is the one he wants, he will keep you hanging — he will not commit to you.

10.    If a man sees that you are a big flirt, he will not commit to you.  Why?  Well, no man wants to be in a relationship with a woman who cannot control their flirtatious ways with other men.

So you see, men have a ton of reasons why they may not want to commit to women.  So if you are not getting the kind of commitment you want from your man, then you need to either change certain things you are doing, or simply let him know what you want and if he does not act on it, then move on.

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