4 Simple Ways to Help You Capture Your Man’s Heart

    Ever since you laid eyes on him, you’ve always known deep down – he’s the one.

    Or perhaps things started out by way of acquaintance or a growing friendship, and yet as time went by, you longed for more than that. Now if only the man of your dreams would respond the way you wanted to…

    Having said that, here are some practical yet subtle ways to capture your man’s heart.

    Be confident, yet vulnerable


    Men have a thing for women who can strike a beautiful balance with these qualities. By confidence, I mean appreciating and being unashamed of the real you, to a point where you don’t need to be validated with your worth every now and then.

    And yet, whenever you’re with him, you allow him to take charge and feel his worth. A fundamental nature of men is they want to be respected and well, treated as men… so know when to both give it and give in to him.

    Stay healthy and feel very sexy


    You’ll find these two go hand in hand. You don’t have to strike it out in the gym every day, log 25-30 miles in jogging every week, and eliminate desserts on every meal.

    Being healthy is about making better choices, accepting yourself first and then making small steps to progress. Some take giant leaps and that’s ok too, provided you know your body enough to handle it.


    Health is also a mind-body connection, so keep that connection alive either by meditating, praying or practicing gratitude. You’ll find that the “feeling sexy” part will flow smoothly and start grabbing his attention.

    Be smart


    Converse with him in a way that keeps him really interested. It’s about learning how to strike up a conversation, asking the right questions, and keeping him locked up on you.

    Unleash the power of your eyes


    It’s been said that they’re the windows to the soul, but only a few know they’re also emotional triggers. That being said, there is such a thing as the business gaze, the social gaze and the intimate gaze.

    Every time you have a chance to talk with your man in a perfect setting, you want to smoothly transition from a social gaze to an intimate gaze.

    Now we've told you 4 ways to help you capture your man's heart, make sure that you also use these 60 words and phrases that make men fall deeper in love.


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