This is not the fifties nor is it like it was when your mother was dating. In today’s dating world women are just as much a part of the approach, planning, and aggressiveness as the men. Some struggle with avoiding or the changing of traditional dating roles. But, if you want to be successful in finding a good partner there are many dating tips for women that can help overcome past years. Good tips such as, knowing if he likes you or not and a good understanding of why men are so hard to read are very important in today’s dating process. Follow along for some great advice and dating tips.

1. Do not play games

Men hate games, be true to them and yourself for a positive relationship. If you say something mean it and do not waver from your word. This makes men suspicious and leads them to believe that you are indecisive and unable to make a decision. You want a man to respect you for your intelligence and ability to stand on your own two feet, he does not want someone that he has to father. Playing games will get you nowhere besides frustrated, angry and alone. Mind games are difficult and can place a strain not only on the relationship, but you as a person. This also goes for making decisions about the relationship and what you will allow. If you have made your mind up about a particular event or behavior do not be pressured to give in. Demand respect in your relationship and it will be a positive one.

2. Have fun

Most women make the mistake of being too serious in a relationship for fear of looking bad. If you fail to laugh, joke or have a good time you may appear to be a stick in the mud and someone that nobody would want to be around. Don’t worry so much about someone thinking you’re not perfect or that you may make a fool out of your self, if you are too serious it can lead to a damaged relationship. So loosen up, let go and have a good time. This is clearly one of the most forgotten dating tips!

3. It is not always so

Do not take every comment, action or behavior of a man so seriously. Take them at face value and try not to read too much into the relationship. Most women analyze every comment, look and movement thinking the worst of each. This leads to fights, suspicion and an edgy relationship. Just because you perceive something one way does not always mean that that is the way that it was meant. Remember the book that men and women think so much differently, the book was a bestseller because it true. When a man makes a comment a woman will likely take it personal or feel that it was a negative comment, when the man was joking and did not mean it negatively at all. Try to keep your feelings off your sleeve and evaluate comments carefully before jumping down his throat.

4. How to know if a guy likes you

Remember if a man is not interested contact will be limited, flirting will be negligible and he will likely not cut up or joke with you. Shy men are hard to know whether they like you or not. If the man shows an interest in your feelings, behaviors or daily habits you can safely assume that he likes you. Do not sell yourself short. You are beautiful, smart and a great person so why would he not like you? Men will generally show their interest by playing around, eye contact or making suggestive remarks. They may be kidding remarks or more subtle remarks, but they are still there.

5. Be aggressive

For years women have been told they are not to be the aggressive ones, but today that has changed. Many now like to make the first move, call men, and ask for a date. Women are no longer limited by the old philosophy of submission so make use of this newfound freedom. Do not wait on him to talk to you or show an interest, jump in there and be the first. Men like women that have the confidence to make the first move. So do not be shy, leave that for someone else, hold your head high, and know that you are good and ask him on a date.

Men are hard to read because they think differently than women. If you listen to them and instead of analyzing or attacking their every comment learn from it. Take them at face value and understand that just because they say something does not mean that there being ugly or negative. Men are not great with emotions or social grace so understand that it is a limit of a man, embrace this and enjoy your relationships.

Lee Blackspur is the author of Bulletproof Self Confidence which provides simple, quick and easy to use techniques that are guaranteed to increase self esteem and confidence no matter how shy you might be.

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