If you are on the other side of the story, as in the man you are seeing already has a girlfriend or simply does not want to commit, here are 5 reasons why you’re only a hookup, and not a girlfriend:

  • He does not want to commit – despite the fact that he might have told you he is ready to be in a serious relationship he does not want to be in one. One of the perks of having a person you can sleep with whenever you want without further implications is the fact that there is no drama. He will not have to give you explanations as to where he was last night. He told you he is ready for a relationship only to make you feel like you have a chance at this.
  • He gets all the advantages – from his point of view he gets all the advantages. He has someone to sleep with, no drama around him, he does not have to explain himself or hear his girlfriend cry or whine about him not being there for her. He gets to take care of his sexual needs without being emotionally involved. And for guys who do not want an emotional connection, this type of establishment suits them best.
  • You sold yourself cheap – guys like the hunt, they love girls that know how to play hard to get. Instead of offering that, you pretty much sold yourself cheap. He told you a few words and you fell for it. He saw it and now he is taking full advantage of this situation. It does not matter to him that you are getting emotionally involved, because he is not and he does not want to.
  • He does not like you – unfortunately, this might be your situation. Your hook up is here for the great sex you have together, but not for you as a whole person. While you can’t sleep with a person that you don’t like in matters of look, you can sleep with a person that has an ugly personality. For guys, sex is just sex. It is not about the long talks afterwards, the cuddling or the emotional connection. So he does not have to get to know you, date you and have a real relationship.
  • He is emotionally unavailable – maybe he is heartbroken or maybe he still likes his ex. Or who knows, maybe he is just in love with a girl he can’t get and uses sex to get over her. The end of the story here is that until he does not get over the other person, he will never see you for what you are, a potential girlfriend, but as a hook up. And while the sex might be great, it will not solve his emotional issues.

Although these reasons might seem harsh, they are pure reality. It is hard to stop being a simple hook up and become his girlfriend. Most of the time, you need to do that with a whole new man.

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