In every failed relationship, there’s always a reason why it never made in the “happily-ever-after” category. And ultimately, most often than not, there’s got to be somebody who called the shots. The person who got dumped will definitely have to make the adjustments: first, for being the one rejected and second for being the one to brave the storm alone (without the person they care the most about). How does one get through the first few days?

Here I listed the top eight essential key points that everyone must do on the first few days after the big break up to allow for the healing process to begin:

1. Steer away from the former flame. And when I say steer away, I say it in a keep-out-live-wire-ahead kind of warning. This is not just about being immature. Seeing your old love can awaken overwhelming emotion and might just tempt you to do something you’ll regret forever. The best thing that you can do in the first few days is to avoid the places that they usually hang out.

2. Vent out your feelings with your support group. Express how you feel. Get everything out so you don’t have deal with it inside. Your family or your friends might get sick and tired of hearing you talking about your relationship and your ex over and over again but you have to let it all out, both your thoughts and your feelings, or they just might come back to kick you later.

3. Cry a river if you can. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Weeping over a loss is absolutely okay. Do not hold back, let those tears run down those cheeks but be sure to do it in a secure and private place where your ex will likely see you. You don’t want to use those tears as a guilt trip to get them in their knees begging you to take them back. The sole purpose of those tears is to cleanse you of all the excruciating pain and not make your ex come back.

4. Stop keeping those mementos Give away or set aside every little thing that reminds you of your past relationship. Hide them where you won’t see them; like they say, out of sight out of mind. Do this until you’re able to remember the relationship without the pangs of longing or pain.

5. Don’t slip and get it together with your past love. One of the most common mistakes that people who got out of a relationship do is to fall back so easily in to the arms of their ex when they feel sad or when they miss them. NEVER DO THIS. This will not only set you back but it will also put you in an unfavorable position with your ex. If the relationship ended in a not so perfect way to begin with then why should you respark the flame?

6. Keep Yourself Busy. There is nothing better to do in this time of crazy painful melancholic times but to busy yourself with anything you’re passionate about. Now is the perfect time for you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do but just didn’t have the time in the past because you’re too caught up with your relationship. Cultivate that passion, find happiness in it and sooner or later it will translate to a happy disposition.

7. Maintain a no contact policy. Stick with this program. Do not attempt to cheat by passing notes through your friends. Avoid making any calls or any communication. Keep away from your cell and don’t text them. Maintain this policy until you feel you’re ready to face the reality that you’re on your own.

Mending a heart that has been bruised and broken is never easy however it can be done. Just remember to stick to the battle plan and before you’ll even know it, you’re right back on track (and maybe in the market?). Good luck!

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