What is charm? And how does a man acquire this illusive quality. I believe charm to be the ability to evoke emotion in a girl that inspires her to swoon for you, and I also believe that you don’t have to be a linguistic master to pull this off, rather it’s what is going on inside of you that matters.

Charm can be linked with the ability to talk effortlessly. This is one quality that I pride my entire game on. When I am with a woman, I can talk for days. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are running out of things to say, then your head is not in the right place and it will be impossible for you to charm anyone and this is always due to your logical mind thinking too much in a situation where you are not meant to be thinking. In short, the ability to charm is the ability to be empty of thought. Simple right?

In any endeavour, there is a sweet spot that you can get into where everything just flows. Sports stars often talk about this moment of flow, where they are no longer using their rational mind to decide their next actions, but instead they are feeling and their minds and bodies seem to be inhabited by something else beyond the thinking mind. It’s in this state of being that charm will fall from your mouth like a free flowing stream. Everything you say will just work, even if what you are saying isn’t smart or clever at all.

But how to enter thoughtlessness in your interactions with woman? Here are my five tips to enter this charming state.

Relax: Easier said than done I know, but if this was easy then you wouldn’t have to read this article and every guy on the planet would be happily ploughing through the female gender. You need to be relaxed. I think relaxation is more important than confidence. A lot of guys think standing in a bar straight, with their shoulders firm, their chest pushed out and a mean look on their face will attract women. Instead it will just make you look like a douche bag. Relaxation comes when you are simply expressing the words that come to your mind without thinking ahead. Think about when you are hanging out with your family or your friends, are you thinking of the next thing to say? No, something pops into your head and it falls out of your mouth. You’ve probably never been in a situation with your brother or sister where you have run out of things to say. This will only happen if you aren’t relaxed. I will be releasing a relaxation guide soon, but for now just realise that relaxation is the foundation for charm and without it, you will just be spinning your wheels.

Childlike Innocence: Some guys will disagree with me here, but this is how I use my charm so I will simply comment on what works for me. When I am with a woman, I’m just happy. There is a smile on my face, and when I’m talking to her, I’m just staring at her like a child would stare at a piece of candy. You have to remember that a woman will adjust your emotions to what you’re feeling. This is how women have evolved and they are a lot more perceptible to subtle body language then you are. So If I am in relaxed in a childlike state, guess what state she will be in? If she feels like that with you, she will be walking on clouds, and she will link that feeling with you and come to the conclusion that you are charming.

Don’t be overtly sexual: Again, a lot of guys will disagree with me here because their entire game is built on massive sexual intent. But this is how I do things. I don’t get overly sexual in conversation because every guy does that at some point. I keep it light hearted, fun, I build trust in me. I know that if she is having fun with me the entire night then it is only a matter of time till she sleeps with me so I don’t have to be all sexual right off the bat. This also lowers her guard, and the more she lowers her guard, the more good emotions she feels, the more her mind will move from logic and reason (I shouldn’t sleep with a guy I have just met) and into the emotional dance, where she will just do what feels good to her, and woman love sex, so no need to worry.

Tease with a smile: I am always teasing a girl. Some guys will be genuine idiots to women, and I don’t do this style. It can and does work because women love emotions, so even negative emotions will spark massive attraction if done right, but I prefer make the woman feel good emotions because that makes me feel good too. Constantly tease her little a bratty little sister and she will keep coming back for more.

Escalate slowly: Some guys escalate quick, I don’t. My escalation will be a brush of the arm, then a brush of the shoulder, then a hug at some point, then maybe a small bite on the shoulder, a slight kiss on the neck, and it’s a gradual progression so subtle that the girl won’t even realise she’s being seduced.

There we have it. The five keys to charm. Each secret works in unison with each other. When you feel relaxed, the words will flow from you, which in turn will give you that childlike innocence. Woman will feel this, and want to be around you and they will rationalise it’s because you are charming. They will also say they feel so relaxed around you.



Saxon Thomas is a writer for The Date Blog [http://www.thedateblog.com] which specializes in online dating, dating techniques, and self improvement for the modern man.

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