Many cultures have customary kissing etiquettes. The French for instance kiss twice when they greet someone. Once on each cheek. The Dutch kiss three times and in sunny California they touch cheek to cheek and say “mwouah”. Even as children we learn the importance of a kiss. A kiss can awaken a sleeping beauty, or turn a frog into a handsome prince. Then there is the kiss of Romance. It can be passionate, inviting, or can signal the end.

There’s a lot of pressure put on the first kiss. Many think that a good kisser equals a good lover. Others feel a kiss should have chemistry. Either sparks will fly or fade. But most people would all agree that the first kiss should be gentle, fairly quick and tentative. If you’re wondering how to best approach your first kiss just follow the lead of the person you are kissing. Most people kiss the way they want to be kissed. Hard or soft, slow or fast, exploratory or… well, you get the idea.

There is one other thing most people would agree on. That is proper kissing preparation. As outlined in my book “the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook” you must prepare before any kiss is attempted. Follow these steps for a blissful first (or any time) kiss.

– Always, always brush your teeth first. Use mouthwash for even fresher breath.

– If you’re out, carry gum or mints with you to freshen your breath.

– If your lips are dry apply a little chapstick.

– Ladies if you wear heavy layered lipstick, take it down a layer to two.

– Guys a few quick strokes with the razor will work wonders on that stubble.

– Guys with beards or moustaches will want to check for the days left overs in the hair.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and kiss that gorgeous creature beside you, remember that a poorly executed kiss could be the kiss of death. So be aware of these kissing no-nos.

– Never lung at your date.

– Don’t approach with a gaping open mouth.

– Don’t stick out your tongue.

– Don’t aim immediately for your dates tonsils.

– Keep your saliva in check. Your date shouldn’t need a towel when you’re done.

But do gently explore, and pace yourself. Slow and easy does it.

Do you know what the number one complaint of kissing is? Smoking! Sorry smokers that’s just the way it is. People who have kissed someone who has just been smoking describe it as tasting like they are cleaning out an ashtray with their tongue. YUCK! If you smoke, quit! 😉 No really, if you smoke, make sure you brush your teeth and use mouthwash. If you are out be sure to have gum, mints or even a small toothbrush and paste with you.

Good Luck!

Marie Clare
Relationship Consultant & Author

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