Ten Easy, yet Powerful ways to get in the spirit to date again after a break-up or time-out for women…

Divorce and relationship break-up are devastating to most people. We learn that jumping from the frying pan into the fire is not benefical in the long run. Conversely we, women can get ourselves into a deep rut, have a pity party and have difficulty looking out again for a relationship. Here are some easy ways to get the energy moving to see over the top of the valley!

1. Smile at the world. Have fun. Look for positive in everyone you meet. Increase your awareness. Like attracts like. You never know who you meet when you smile.

2. Look at your surroundings . Are there negative “leftovers” from former relationship/s? Remove what no longer is positive for you. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy. You may want to consider the feng shui of your environment.

3. Make changes to what you hear . What music puts you in a romantic mood? Spend some time each day listening to your special music. Avoid listening to news that is negative or anything that puts you in a negative mindset.

4. Nosing around ! : Is it time to consider new cologne, aromatherapy? Again, explore what smells great to you. Burn some scented candles, place some scented oil at your desk, by your bed.

5. Look in the mirror! Wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. Time for a new hair style or other changes?

6. Those taste buds! Eat food that is light and gives you uplifting energy and that you enjoy.

7. Read singles ads in newspaper or internet: Start to consider the qualities that you would love to have in another person in your life.

8. Do the inner work. Clear the closets of your mind/emotions/ and spirit of negative ideas about dating and relationships. This is a big one and may take time and energy if you have not attended to this earlier on.

9. Consider how your spend your time: . Know that if finding a relationship is valuable to you, consider what time will you create for this new adventure.

10. When you are ready, Affirm to the Universe your worthiness and intention to date again.

We have all heard the cliché, you get what you ask for. We know that clarity about what we want

Increases exponentially the chances we get what we ask for!

Jennifer Wright, “Mid-Life Spirit of Adventure Guide for Women” coaches women globally in over-40 transitions of mid-crisis, divorce, dating, empty nest, career change, and workplace adaptations to find adventure in life overwhelm [http://www.midlifeadventure.com] Her company, [http://www.midlifeheroine.com] was profiled in the May 16 TIME cover story Female Mid-Life Crisis. Visit her and sign up for free newsletter and teleclasses.

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