Being single I always have the tendency to meet married men. They are unattainable yet very attractive. They possess all the qualities you look for but unfortunately they are taken. The problem is when they aren’t getting the hint.

Top Ten Ways To Avoid Married Men

1. Pretend your a lesbian so he thinks you’re into chicks instead of men.

2. When he knocks on your door, come dressed in old clothes and do not take a shower. He may be repulsed by your appearance.

3. If he is not a smoker, light up a cigarette, so instead of turning him on it turns him off.

4. Keep all lingerie and other items locked up. Do not mention see through lingerie he may want you to model it for him.

5. When he comes to your house or place of work imagine having a big mac instead that way it will cut your cravings if you are into him.

6. If he is making several excuses to come see you tell him you have a date or your seeing your hairdresser.

7. If he does plumbing for a living and has to fix your toilet or sink make sure your mom or child is there so he can’t come onto you.

8. My advice is just run. He may see the dust blowing faster.

9. Always make a quick exit that way instead of falling all over you he may end up on the ground.

10. If he likes to stare at you just wear extra tight clothing so he can get a piece of what he is missing.

I find if I do this stuff I always avoid a married man. Quite frankly I prefer if they are single than you don’t have any worries. Keep in mind if a married man is coming onto you. He may not be telling you the truth. I know a really nice married man I have a lot in common with him, but he likes to hit on everyone and everything. He is only looking for a little fun.

I think that is a sure sign to stay away. I think he is a lot of fun and a nice person but that is as far as I would go.


They should come with a sign or a stamp on there heads that way you know whether they are married or just not wearing there wedding ring.

Labels ladies, always make sure you get to the bottom before you get to the top.

I am a single parent, mother of one. I enjoy sports, cooking, photography and music. I love to garden and make homemade jewelery.

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